Information We Need from You

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Tell us something about your business

Knowing about what do you offer, where your business is located, your business phone number will really help us know more about you, your service or your business. Business address or phone number is not necessary to us but putting these information in your website might build more trust with your clients.


Your Target Audience

What are the characteristics of a person that might use your site? For example- user’s age, gender, profession etc. If you don’t know about it yet, don’t worry.


Your Website goals

What should be the goals of your website? For example – increase sales or raise awareness about your product or maybe trying to attract potential employers. Providing us with this information might help us designing the perfect website for your product or service.


Business strategy

In what direction is your business heading with or without a website? If you already have a website and need a redesign, then you might provide information about how your current website is helping you with your business. If it’s the first time you are willing to have a website for your business / service, you can tell us about how were you advertising your business / service without a website and what plans do you have with it.


Business Competitors

Do you have any competitor(s)? Can you provide their website link? This information can help us scanning your competitor’s websites and then we might come up with an idea that will stand you out from the crowd.


Design Reference

For the design of the website, reference in your mind? This might help us designing based on your likings.


Track Visitors

Do you intend to have an analytics software in your website that will track people who visit your website? Previously, we were using Google Analytics which was and still is free but the problem is Google Analytics is not compliant with the current GDPR law in EU and you might get sued if your business is located in any EU country since it is illegal since 2022. We will not be surprised if we see more countries going against Google Analytics.

If you need a tracking tool for your website that doesn’t compromise your visitor’s privacy, try Fathom. It is not free, you’ll have to pay per month for it’s services. If you take our monthly maintenance service, we might also include this tool as per your request.

If you are not in the EU and not selling product internationally, you might use Google Analytics, but again, we are not attorneys or lawyers to give advice on using Google Analytics. Before using Google Analytics into your website, you’ll be safe consulting with a privacy attorney about it.


Policies to protect your business from fines and lawsuits

Let us know if you need privacy policy, cookie policy etc. policies from us for your business. If you are not taking this service from us, at least make sure that your website has all these in order to avoid massive fines and lawsuits. You need privacy policy even if you just collect your user’s email.

If you wish to get this service from us, you’ll have to take our monthly maintenance service (don’t worry if you have taken it already) and we will include this service in our plan. As laws get updated, the privacy policies will also get updated in your website.

Table of Contents