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Having a good looking website or having a website with too many animations / effects is not enough. We always consider 5 things when building a website. These 5 things are:

1- Fast Performance

2- Very Good User Experience

3- Responsiveness

4- Email Marketing Tools

5- SEO

Fast Performance

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Visitors will abandon your website if it is slow. If you want your website to load quickly, you should consider these things:


1- A very good hosting server.

2- Optimized web server.

3- Website optimization for performance.

4- Image Optimization.

5- CDN


We help our clients selecting the best server for their website. This is the very first step one should consider and a crucial one. Many developer / agencies only optimize the website but it is also important to optimize the server too. Also, most developer / agencies upload images to the website and then optimize the images using plugins, but we do the exact opposite. We optimize the images manually by ourselves and then upload them to the website. This way, the images get perfectly optimized. We also encourage our clients to pay a minimum fee for CDN so that visitors can enjoy a very good experience worldwide.

Very Good User Experience

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If your visitors / clients / users feel confused when visiting your website, then you are surely missing an important aspect of a website which is User Experience. Many people like to have flashy animations, so-called cutting edge design trends etc. to their website. But here, we believe in simplicity because no one cares about these things. For example, how many times have you visited a website just to see it’s flashy animations or ‘Cool’ design, you haven’t, right? People only care about the product you are trying to sell. If your product is good, your clients will love you.


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Our developed websites work perfectly across mobiles, tabs and desktops.

Email Marketing Tools

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We help our clients setting up email marketing tools like MailChimp, Convert Kit etc. We also help setting up Google Analytics to the website so that our clients can keep track of the traffic in their website.



Blogs and keywords are somewhat important for SEO. We help our clients by installing Rank Math plugin in their website so that they can take help from it when writing content for their website. We also help setting up Google Search Console for our clients.

Table of Contents