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If you have an online business or a business that just showcases your skills, having a professional email account will make you stand out from the crowd since most people don’t have a clear idea on what is a professional or business email address is and how having one can help in the long run.


What is a professional email address?

The answer is short, the email address that represents yourself or your business by having your domain name on it. For example, our agency’s name is Itersi LLC, our domain name is Our business email addresses are:


Most people use their gmail accounts to send promotional email or just to contact with their clients which doesn’t seem professional at all these days. In fact, even if you don’t have any online business and you are someone who is looking for a job, having your own email address sometimes can make a nice impression to your potential employers because everyone is using a gmail and having your own professional email account represents your seriousness.


Is a professional email address costly and hard to maintain?

Yes and no. To have a professional email address, you’ll need:

1- A domain for yourself or your business.

2- An email server.

A domain might cost you $15 – unlimited (it really depends and sometimes even cheaper just for the first year) and then every year you’ll have to pay a price for the domain renewal. And the cost of email server or email service provider varies from company to company.


From where can I buy domain?





… and more. The above list is just for the popular ones.


From where can I purchase services for email accounts?





I have a domain and a business email, what should I do now?

Go to your domain server provider’s website. Open your domain’s DNS settings and add the following:

1- Connect your email account’s IP address (MX).

2- Add SPF record provided by your email account service provider.

3- Add DKIM record.

4- Add DMARC record.

Too much complicated! Why do we need all these things? All these will matter to you, just keep reading.


Every single e-mail matters

Let’s say you have 100 customers, you sent them all a promotional e-email. Or, maybe you’re trying for a job and you are sending recruiters e-mails for the past one month. But guess what? All your e-mail are going to your client’s / recruiter’s SPAM folder. That’s why you need to have and SPF record, a DKIM record and a DMARC record.


Be aware of free email accounts that many hosting service providers provide

Why? Free is always better, right? Sometimes it is not and might in fact ruin your business’s reputation. They don’t provide any SPF or DKIM record and if you ever find any company or individual that will provide free professional email account to you, you’ll see that they don’t have any idea about these things. You can see, here in Itersi, we provide high quality cloud hosting servers but still we don’t provide FREE business email accounts because the configuration of the servers and maintaining them takes time and effort.


How do I know if my business email account is perfect?

There’s a free tool –  . You can test your email account using it. It’s a freemium (Free + Premium) tool that has limits on how much email account you can test per day. Here’s our email account result for

Itersi email account score

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