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Why Use Google Search Console?

Google Search console is one of the most powerful tools which is at the same time free. If you’re not using it, you are actually missing something. Using this tool, you can:

1- Improve your website since it shows errors.

2- Increase search traffic.

3- Monitor broken links.

4- The most important of all – You’ll know how your pages are being indexed by Google.


And much more. There is no point of getting into the details since it is a must for businesses.


How to set up Google Search Console?

We have a video on setting up Google Search Console. If you want to continue reading the blog, you can do it too.

Video on how to set up Google Search Console and connect it to website.


1- Go to Google Search Console’s page (You can find it using google).

2- Also, make sure that you are signed in to your Google account.

3- Your screen might look like this. Just click start now.

Google Search Console main page.
Google Search Console Page

4- Now, click Add Property.

Click Add Property to add a domain to Google Search Console.
Add Property.

5- Write your domain name and click continue.

6- Copy the code or you can provide this code to your website developer so that the developer might install it into the DNS of your domain. You can do it too actually.

Copying Google Search Console's verification code to add to domain's DNS.
Copy verification code.

7- Login to your domain name registrar’s website and add a TXT record file with the verification code in your domain’s DNS.

Adding Google Search Console's verification code to domain's DNS.
Add verification code your domain’s DNS.

8- Now, come back to your google search console page and click verify.

Verifying domain from Google search console page.
Click verify.

9- Now that you have verified your domain, you can let Rank Math know that too so that it can help you using the data that google will provide from time to time.

10- Log in to your WordPress dashboard.

11- If you don’t have Rank Math, you can install it from WordPress, it’s free. It has pro versions too.

12- Click ‘General Settings’.

13- Go to ‘Webmasters Tools’.

Rank Math's Webmaster Tools.
Rank Math Webmaster Tools

14- You can see ‘Search Console Verification Page’ link just below ‘Google Search Console’. Click it and it will take you to a different page known as Webmaster Central.

Google Webmaster Central

15- Copy the code and paste it into Rank Math’s ‘Google Search Console’ box.

16- Click save changes.

17- Now, go back to the page where the ‘Search Console Verification Page’ link took you and click verify.


Congrats! You have successfully set up Google Search Console and added it to your website. If you want to set up Google Analytics to your website, you can check this guide here: Google Analytics Tutorial.

Table of Contents