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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google by which you can track your website audiences. If you’re serious about your business, you should not miss this free tool. We have a video on how to set up Google Analytics. You can watch it or you can continue reading the blog and set it up. In this tutorial, we will be using WordPress and Rank Math plugin to add Google Analytics to our website.

Video on setting up Google Analytics.

Set up Google Analytics

1- Go to Google Analytics page (Search google and make sure you are logged in to your google account).

Google Analytics Page (If you haven't used it before).
Google Analytics Page (If you haven’t used it before).

2- Click ‘Start Measure’. If this button doesn’t appear, then most probably you have other accounts. In this case, select ‘Create Account’.

Google Analytics Page (If have used it before)
Google Analytics Page (If have used it before)

3- Write an account name. It can be anything but we recommend using your business’s name. For example – ‘My business’.

Writing account name.
Write an account name.

4- Just below that, you’ll find some data sharing options. Just select what you need or leave them as is, it’s up to you.

5- Click ‘Next’.

6- Write a property name. Again, you can choose any name but we recommend using your business’s name with a word ‘property’. For example – ‘My business property’.

Writing property name.
Write property name.

7- Just below that, you’ll find ‘Show advanced options’ link. Click it.

Selecting advanced options.
Select advanced options.

8- Turn on ‘Create a universal analytics property’.

Turning on 'Create a universal analytics property'.
Turn on ‘Create a universal analytics property’.

9- Under website url, select http or https. If your website has SSL certificate, use https. If not, select http. If you’re not sure if your website has an SSL certificate or not, just go to your website and from the address bar, check if your website has a ‘padlock’ on left of it. If yes, then you have SSL certificate. Or, if you find ‘Not secure’ sign, then your website does not have SSL certificate.

10- After selecting http / https, write your domain name. For example –

11- Click ‘Next’.

12- Now under ‘About your business options’ label, select the options that match with your business and click ‘Create’, then accept the terms and conditions.

Selecting options and proceeding as needed.
Select your personal preferences and hit ‘Create’.

13- Congrats, you have set up google analytics. Now, it’s time to add it to your website.

14- If you want to manually add it to your website, click ‘Global site tag (gtag.js)’ and it will show you the code which you can copy and paste to your website’s header.

Copy gtag.js code to your website (If you want to do it manually).

15- Or, you can use Rank Math if you’re using WordPress and a SEO plugin called Rank Math. We will be using Rank Math here.

16- Go to your WordPress dashboard. And go to Rank Math > General Settings > Analytics.

WP-Admin dashboard.
Select Rank Math from your wp-admin dashboard

17- Click ‘Connect Google Services’.

Connecting to Google Services.
Click ‘Connect Google Services’.

18- Select the account with which you create Google Analytics acount.

19- Click ‘Continue’ and select the proper account name, property and view.

Rank Math Google Analytics code installation.
Install the code to your website.

20- Scroll down, save changes and you’re done.

If you haven’t used Google Search Console and want to set it up. You can read this blog here: Google Search Console Tutorial.

Table of Contents